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manufacturer of interior doors

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«ODINTSOVO» PA» CJSC, the leading manufacturer in Russian market, existing more than 10 years works successfully in the production of interior doors and has a stainless reputation among consumers.

— More than 80 000 m²
square occupy shop enterprise, filled with high-performance, modern Italian and German equipment.

— More than 150.000 doors in a month.
High degree of automation — supply of materials to the manufacturing area and distribution at the warehouse allow us to produce more than 150.000 doors in a month.

During the period of our activity we have managed to create a highly effective system of quality control
which allows us to be confident in reliability and safety of our product.

“Odintsovo PA“ CJSC is located in the immediate vicinity of the Minsk highway, in the territory of more than 10 hectare, has its access tracks, access to the Moscow Railway Smolensk direction.


ELDORF – economy-class doors of special quality. The finish materials used for its production are materials of a new generation with high operating ability of different high strength and abrasion resistance - 3D-coating and eco-veneer. Eldorf doors represent the design of two shaped pieces and cross connectors of different sections - underframes. Unconditional advantage of the Eldorf trademark doors is a design concept that includes disassembly and reassembly of the door leaf for repair or any parts replacement.

“Odintsovo PA“ CJSC offers high quality interior doors VERDA of own production made of environmentally friendly materials in accordance with European standards on the Italian and German equipment. A wide range of: economy-class doors, doors with PVC-cover and eco-veneer, doors for construction facilities, fire-protective doors - there is a door for everyone!

“Odintsovo PA“ CJSC represents the collection of interior doors Casaporte, developed together with leading Italian designers and constructors. The CASAPORTE door elements are connected by dowels and glue. This way of details' connection allows keeping the door leaves geometry during the operation. It is safe for human health as well. A distinctive feature of the door leaves is the edges absence, i.e. elements are made on edgeless technology. Eco-veneer is a decorative multilayer coating with a natural veneer effect.

Under the LOYARD brand name our factory produces veneered doors. A door leaf frame production technology with subsequent veneer pasting is used for its production. This technology allows significant reducing the cost of interior doors. Framework structure doors, due to small weight, give smaller outer forces on hinges. The use of natural materials will allow significant increasing quality of life as well as ensure good ecological atmosphere indoors.